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Graphite Lubebar

Swittzer Lubebar works efficiently due to its concentrated ploymerized formula with various noble metals.

Natural graphite and noble metals fill the grit and polish the I.D of the tyre thus redusing friction and allowing the tyre and pad to last almost indefinitely.

SWITTZER LUBE BAR tests results prove SWITTZER LUBE BAR lubrication bars reduce the friction and extended the life of your stop blocks , tyres and pads.


  • • Environmental safe
  • • Requires no equipment
  • • Will not slide out
  • • Designed to melt and vaporize in 3-5 minutes leaving behind a dry lubricant
  • • SWITTZER LUBE BAR vaporizes at 1220 F ( 50 C), safe upto 450 F (2320C)
  • • SWITTZER LUBE BAR melts and vaporizes 3600 F ( 182 C), safe upto 9500 F (482 C)


  • • Pad stop block wear
  • • Undercutting riding rings
  • • Flexing of klin shell
  • • Shell ovality increase
  • • Refractory failure
  • • Replacement of tyre shell sections

SWITTZER LUBE BAR bars when used as directed will maintain the creep over a long period of time , more successfully than any other roduct on the market. SWITTZER LUBE BAR has been very successful where seized tyres have occurred by allowing creep to commerce .

Friction and wear if inevitable in kilns and dryers due to the slippage that occurs between the shell and the tyre.duting the functioning of the equipment there is a constant potential for debris and grouping to occur between the sliding the metal surfaces. Only through proper lubrications with melting lubrication bars can this friction and wear be properly reduced, thus extending the service life of the equipment and reducing unnecessary repairs, costly downtime and consequently loss of production


Solids Content40% Typical
Melting Point115 F – 125 F
Auto Ignition Point>1,000 F
TextureSmooth Hard
Cone Penetration for Base @ 77 F13 Max
Flash Point (COC)400 F